Welcome to The Modern Principal, a collection of thoughts to redefine the role of leadership in our schools.

In the education system today, principals are the least professionally developed out of all certified educators. Yet, their influence and impact on students is second only to teachers. Principals leave the profession at the same rate as teachers, yet this problem isn’t as widely discussed. And when the principal leaves, everyone in the school suffers, regardless of the replacement.

So, our platform is geared to three different school leaders: the potential principal, the practicing principal and the post principal.

We want to inspire the next generation of potential principals and empower them to become change agents for education.

We want to support practicing school principals, making the job more sustainable by providing resources and offering community.

Finally, we recognize the principalship is not sustainable for a lifelong career in its current state, and we want to highlight potential next steps for those passionate in leadership while still advocating for public education.

This is The Modern Principal.

The Modern Principal is a mindset. It’s not a position. We provide support, resources, and community for those in all stages of career to transform education–through the student and teacher experience.

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It seems it's always hiring season these days! Check out this week's pod where we give an overview of tips for the principal who is hiring!
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We 👏 did 👏 it 👏!
Special thanks to our families, friends, and colleagues for putting up with us the last three years!
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Join us next week for a FREE virtual symposium with @justrightreader and researcher Ray Reutzel! #themodernprincipal #literacy #literacypd #leadingliteracy #readingspecialist #readingcoach

Today we celebrate Karen! She’s your biggest hype girl and the personality behind TMP. She always keeps us laughing and makes everyone around her feel like the most important person in the room. She’s a literal bad ass educator, rocking every role she’s ever been in, trailblazing a path for future leaders. We are all lucky to know you, Karen! Happy birthday!
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Let me hear you shooooooooouuuuutttt! We JUST, and I mean JUST, successfully defended our dissertation!!!! Holla at Dr. Hile and Dr. Lamb!
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Happiest of birthdays to the lady on the left, the one single-handedly keeping this brand alive through all the stress of jobs and doctoral papers. She motivates us all to be better humans while also enjoying the finer things in life. I’m so lucky to have found a great friend, confidant and person to join my village as a grown up. That’s so rare and I know I’m lucky!

Happy Birthday Queen👑👑

Have you checked out one of @justrightreader ‘s literacy symposiums?! They are truly awesome, just-in-time PD, and they bring in the most legit researchers to share the science! Block off your calendar for Monday and join us! Register at the link below or in our stories!


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We know the current state of education is leading to turnover in principals. But what's a former principal to do for work? We talk about a few of our ideas – as well as our own experiences – in this week's pod!
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