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Top ranked and frequently downloaded (six figures to be exact), Christy and Karen chat about all things education in The Modern Principal Podcast.

Each Monday, we tackle real scenarios sent in from our listeners. In short 15-20 minute episodes, we fix all your problems. We tackle each scenario through the lenses of scholar (the Google research, obvi), systems (sustaining strategies), and soul (what our gut tells us to do).

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The portal was designed to be your one stop shop for all things practicing and potential principals need in their roles. We offer yearly subscriptions to our four different courses:

A–Academics & Achievement

B–Behavior & Belonging

C–Culture & Community

D–Day-to-Day Leadership

Christy & Karen update the resources monthly based on what you want to see included. There are videos, downloadables (all editable), and access to discounted workshops.

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Community & Development

We know the best thing about The Modern Principal is our charming and winning personalities.

JKJK, but for real, it’s the power in the people working across the country (and world) to bring change to transform education–through the student and teacher experience.

Collaborative Conversations: non-traditional ‘workshops’ where we use the collective expertise in the (virtual) room to help problem solve, share solutions, and learn from one another. You’ll leave these feeling energized and with an action step for tomorrow.

Workshops: a more traditional approach to learning, we lead the group through a topic, sharing research, best practices, and real life experiences with positive outcomes. Most workshops also include work time, collaboration and individualized guided planning with reflection.

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We know the current state of education is leading to turnover in principals. But what's a former principal to do for work? We talk about a few of our ideas – as well as our own experiences – in this week's pod!
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We know it’s crossed your mind. Leaving your job. Maybe it’s for a different principalship in a new district. Maybe you’re thinking about leaving the profession altogether. Maybe you’d like a move to central office. This week on the pod, we chat about our own thoughts and experiences and how you might know it’s time for you, too!

Let us know your thoughts! 👇
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This is one of our most-asked questions! HoW dO i KnOw I'm ReAdY tO bE a PrInCiPaL? Well, we contend if you're asking the question, you're probably ready, but there are few more tell-tale signs we have experienced and share them all in this week's pod! Check it out and tell us how YOU knew you were ready! 👇 👇
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One of my habits is to spend 15 minutes of time outside in the morning sun each day. I’ve read it can help with sleep and alertness and a whole host of other benefits. Today our family took a nice hike for several hours and even spent some time in the middle of it laying on a blanket we brought while watching the kids play. Pure bliss.
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When you try to create a new habit, do you think about the "cue" that prompts it? Charles Duhigg, in his book The Power of Habit, talks about the idea that it's kind of hard to change a behavior out of nowhere. There are usually "cues" that trigger our behaviors, so we need to think about the behavior that we want to change and the thing that happens right before. For example, Karen talked about on the pod this week that she wants to stop snacking and watching TikTok in the hours before she goes to bed; her cue is leaving her daughter's room to tuck her in. Rather than going downstairs after putting her to bed, she'll stay upstairs, away from the snacks, and put her phone on a charger away from her bed. Think about the cues that occur before the habits YOU want to change!
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Do you ever feel like you spend all of your workweek evenings just recovering from the workday? Yeah, us too. We are trying to spend our weeknight evenings feeling like HUMANS now. Christy's family is roller skating about once a week, and Karen's family is committed to trying out new parks or going out to dinner. It helps to try to plan your week ahead so everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect. While you may feel exhausted when you get home and want to veg on the couch with your kids on their iPads (been there, done that) – remember that "future you" will be so happy you indulged on a Tuesday night! What do YOU like to do on weeknights to feel like you're a human being?! 👇
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