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This week, I have two very special guests to kick off the month of May, Christy Lamb and Karen Hile! I’ve been following both of these ladies for a while now, and when I saw that they were starting a podcast, I knew I had to get them on my show to speak to all of you.

Karen and Christy are both elementary principals and the brains behind The Modern Principal, founded with the mission to help fellow leaders with the real problems they face in their schools today and to redefine the role of school leadership in our nation’s schools.

Tune in this week as I interview the amazing Karen Hile and Christy Lamb on why they started The Modern Principal and the work they do with school leaders. They’re sharing the issues facing our schools, sharing how they make decisions every day that are aligned with their identities as leaders, and discussing their dynamics with their staff and what they’ve found useful in that area.

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Every school year has challenges, but the last two years have had more than most. ​ Schools have faced many changes in a short amount of time. I’m joined on the podcast by Christy Lamb and Karen Hile of The Modern Principal. We discuss ways instructional coaches can support schools as they navigate change. ​ They tell us about the challenges they face as administrators and why change is difficult to implement on campuses.

We talk about honest communication and how coaches can be a bridge between teachers and administrators. ​ These principals share their strategies for supporting teachers who are struggling with change. They offer advice for implementing long-lasting changes and why you should avoid the trap of toxic positivity. Tune in to hear why instructional coaches must know their role and advocate to stay in that role. This episode has plenty of tips to help you coach your teachers during changing times.

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Christy and Karen are a DYNAMIC duo and the leaders behind ‘The Modern Principal.’ Let me tell you, these two leaders are the real deal and we had such a fun conversation about school leadership, hiring, dogs and so much more!



Christy and Karen of @themodernprincipal shed a little light on the principal lifestyle. We dive into leadership, how to overcome challenges and conflict, advice for aspiring leaders, and SO much more!



It’s time for Ready, Set, TEACHs’ first PRINCIPALS perspectives! In this episode, Karen and Christy from The Modern Principal talk all things, NEW TEACHERS! From the SIMILARITIES they observe among new teachers, to COMMON MISTAKES they make, to what STANDS OUT during interviews, to using SOCIAL MEDIA and so much more!



Two head principals early in their career, Karen & Christy began The Modern Principal together to organize a community of EduQueens doing their best to lead and reform education, no matter their role. They use their combined voices to steer the new generation of teacher leaders and administrators as they examine the systems in place in schools and challenge the status quo.

Listeners, I love this conversation with Christy and Karen and know you will be captivated by their mission as I am. In this episode we learn about what prompted them to start The Modern Principal, challenges they have faced, and their passions around building a community of eduqueens. We laughed, traveled down unexpected roads, and these ladies made my heart pound with the good work they are doing. I am honored to amplify for you The Modern Principal with Christy and Karen’s Fearlessness story.

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Karen Hile and Christy Lamb are elementary school Principals. Together they started The Modern principal, a collection of thoughts to redefine the role of leadership in schools. They use their voices to steer the new generation of those invested in education to see themselves as leaders regardless of their title. Julie and Annica learned so many new things about our education system and how we can help to support our teachers and educators. You can find The Modern Principals on Instagram or on their website.



Local Kansas City principals and friends, Christy Lamb and Karen Hile of The Modern Principal, share what it’s really like to be an elementary school principal. We talk about their journey to becoming a principal, burnout, daily routine, how parents can support an administrator and even discipline. They also share some educational trends, as well as their opinions on iPads in the classroom.