12 Days Before Winter Break: Around the World


In this bundle, you’ll download a PDF with a hyperlink included.  It will take you to a copy of the slide show to keep and use year after year.

  • Around the World–A variety of holidays celebrated around the world, with customized daily team building activities.  Designed to use in the 12 days leading up to Winter Break.

All bundles are fully developed with images and fully editable in Google slides! Create your 12 Days Before Break quickly and easily.

***Be sure to email [email protected] if you need help with opening the document links***



Staff celebration is so important in schools right now.  This bundle includes multiple different options surrounding all winter holidays in the world.  You can have fun team building activities that also incorporate tradition in the 12 days leading up to Winter Break.

If you purchase this item, you will get a list of holidays celebrated in winter around the world.  Each holiday has a few different team building activities to choose and even a shopping list of what you might need.  The best thing: there are all different price points from FREE to FANCY.  You can customize for your building and your budget.

The bundle includes the ideas, printable posters/calendar- AND it’s editable!


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