Fun Fridays & Monthly Morale Groups Organizer


Once purchased, you will receive a PDF with two separate links.  One will take you to a google sheet that you can add to your own drive and keep to help organize Fun Fridays.  The other link (on page two) will take you to a google doc with Monthly Morale team information and a list of FREE ideas your teams can use!

**Please reach out to [email protected] if there are ANY issues with downloading**



Boosting morale and culture in your building is made easier with this guide.
Fun Fridays is a template created to help you celebrate each team member weekly. It is completely editable, so you will take what works for your team and put it into action tomorrow.  This product includes ways to include words of affirmation, treats, songs, hobbies and more.  It will bring your staff closer while also highlighting the unique differences each person brings to your team!

Monthly Morale Teams is a system you can put into place to share the leadership of staff celebrations with everyone in your building.  There are instructions for how to develop the teams, what each team can do and a list of FREE ideas for the teams to reference in case they get stuck.  It’s an incredible way to ensure that people are celebrating each other in your work force!


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